Remote coaching, why?

The quick rise in technology has generated a medium where remote coaching is stronger, more reputable and more popular than ever. While there are some cons associated with virtual coaching, the pros of remote coaching can greatly outweigh the cons – especially if the coaching is done right.

What is better than an athlete being able to reach out to you whenever and however? The remote coaching relationship allows the client to train whenever they like – and in today’s busy world remote coaching can provide a support network that in-person coaching can’t. Creating that support network between the coach and the athlete is key.

Since my physical presence is not possible I will make up for it by being able to communicate well with you.

Transparent, concise, honest and understanding when I will be communicating with you. I will keep things simple with clear-cut information. I will make sure to match your experience with the correct level of information.

While less experienced athletes will require more communication and more explains, the experienced athletes will need more accurate training.

I will be both, for the beginner and for the expert.

Are you working a lot and you need a modify in the training plan? Write me and it will be made.

Did you forget to train yesterday and you need a new workout for today, because tomorrow you probably will not do it? I will help you to organize your training plan because your work doesn’t not allow long term plan, day by day, week by week.

Your daily feedback will be taken into account, every question it will be follow by a right answer. No doubt, no uncertainty.

Set a goals and let me help you to get it. Hard work always pays off!

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