About me

"There are people who train to compete and there are those who compete to train."

Kilian Jornet Burgada

Davide Becchetti MD

I am a 37-year-old doctor with a particular interest in physical activity and sports. I work as a family physician in a small town in Val Trompia, Italy.

I started practicing sports at the age of 11 and I immediately approached this activity trying to understand the physical and psychophysical processes that underlie training and the adaptations related to physical performance. First with cross-country skiing, then with mountain biking, skyrunning, ski touring and mountaineering, my experience has focused on endurance sports.

During my university studies, I had the opportunity to work for a few years in the physiology department of the Mararthon Sport Center, where I further expanded my knowledge in the field of sport physiology.

In 2011 I achieved my personal best athletic result, winning the World Championships reserved for doctors.